Its overwhelming

Its overwhelming

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Posted 2021-09-02 by Suefollow

I'm looking for advice which I can't seem to find on dhhs website and hotlines give conflicting advice as does the education department etc. I'm hoping there may be someone who can point me in the right direction.
Like all Victorians my kids have been unable to attend school for the best part of the last almost 2 years. I have 6 kids, 5 in school.
I'm desperate to get at least 2 of my kids back into the classroom ASAP. I just don't know what leg I have to stand on!
I have a neurological condition which hinders me from being able to homeschool my children. At best, I can push myself to manage every second day doing 1 subject but that's on a good week. Most weeks, I simply cannot do it! Doing the minimal that I am, I'm defying medial odds lol.
As a result, my daughter is really struggling. Pre-covid I was already advocating to be heard. I know she needed interventions and the fight was on. That was in grade 1. She's now in grade 3 and hasn't made any progress academically, she's just been pushed up through the system. She can't even read the work she's being expected to complete let alone complete it!
I'm so angry! I'm not a teacher but I believe she has textbook dyslexia amongst other things including auditory processing issues. None of which have ever been investigated.
My son who I'm concerned about is on the spectrum and once had many interventions in place. Now he has nothing. He was already so far behind prior to covid and he was receiving specialist help to get him through each grade level. Now he's just being given the same work as everyone else and there's simply no way he can do it and I don't have the capability to assist him in the ways that he needs. At school he had an aid. At home I have 5 kids, a baby and my own disability. He's slipping away and I'm so scared for what long-term damage has been done to him as a result. There's no hope of him starting high school as it is!

I'm not writing this because I think we have extra special circumstances. I'm just desperate. I can appreciate that everyone has a story. This is mine summed up in a couple of short paragraphs. Im scared. I don't want all my kids to return. Just the 2 this is seriously impacting.
My kids attend a catholic school too so they like to play by their own rules wherever possible anyways. The principal said yes during one of the early lockdowns but has said no to our family for everyone this year.
I don't know what to do! Do I have grounds based on my disability? Or based on my children being so far behind/needing intervention?
I feel so claustrophobic at the thought of having my hands tied while my heart breaks. Literally, the walls of my house feel like they're closing in and I can't breathe. No wonder Australia's Mental health is declining so rapidly as a whole!

Please, if you have nothing kind to say, please keep scrolling.

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